Tenpin Bowling Angles and targeting tool

Angles & Targeting

Use the Angles & Targeting tool to help you visualise the path a ball should take on various shots.  Tap the numbers on the left or drag the shot line to plot a shot on the lane, adjusting the distance to the breakpoint, the breakpoint board and the board you want to aim at, either at the arrows, the lane dots or the foul line. 

As you adjust the shot, the numbers on the left will update to tell you where the ball should be throughout the shot, from the start of your approach.  You can also adjust the length of your approach, and whether you are left or right handed, from the Settings screen under the main menu.

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Axis Tilt & Rotation

Use this tool to get an approximate measurement of the Axis Tilt & Rotation of your ball.  To do this you will need to place an easy to see marker, like a piece of bowler's tape, on the PAP (Positive Axis Point) of the ball. Your pro-shop operator can help you with this if you don't know where it is.

Take a photo or video that shows the ball after it leaves the hand. Get as low as possible and position the camera so that the ball is travelling in a straight line away from it at the point of release.  The sharper the image the better. If your camera has a slow motion or high frame-rate option this can often help considerably.

Open your photo or video. If it's a video pause it at a point where you can clearly see your marker. Pinch to zoom in and drag to position the ball exactly in the circle.

Tenpin Bowling Axis Tilt & Axis Rotation Calculator
Tenpin Bowling Ball Speed and rev rate RPM calculator

Ball Speed & RPM

Use this tool to measure how fast your ball travels down the lane. Press Start as the ball crosses the foul line and Stop as soon as it hits the pins. Switch to advanced mode to open a video from your device, slow it down and/or pinch to zoom in to key areas to ensure that your measurements are as accurate as possible.

You can also use advanced mode to measure rev-rate. To do this you will need to place an easy to see marker on the ball.  We recommend a length of tape from the PAP (Positive Axis Point) of the ball to the centre of the grip, between the thumb and finger holes.

Tap the "Rev" button each time you see the ball make a complete revolution and capture at least three consecutive revolutions to get an accurate reading.

Observation Trainer

The observation trainer is designed to help you improve your observation of ball motion by getting you to focus on which board the ball is on at four key points of every shot: The arrows, the breakpoint, entering the pocket and exiting the pin-deck.

You'll be shown a number of shots rolling down a simulated lane. After each shot, move the sliders to where you think the ball was at each point.  You'll be shown how the actual shot compares to what you thought and at the end you'll be given scores for your accuracy, overall and at each point, helping you to know which areas you might need to focus on.

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Tenpin bowling ball motion observation training tool
Tenpin bowling lane oil pattern library with ratio, volume and length specifications

Pattern Library

The pattern library gives you instant access to details and diagrams of hundreds of oil patterns.  Thanks to the wonderful people at Kegel the app now includes every single pattern from their extensive library.

As well as viewing the pattern diagram and some useful information about each one, you can also load the pattern into the Angles & Targeting tool, so you can plot your shot directly over the pattern to help you better plan how you're going to attack the lanes.

Patterns that you play (or coach) on regularly can be added as favourites so that their details are always easily accessible.

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Score Calculator

Use the Score Calculator as a quick way to work out scores and edit frames to see the impact those changes have on the overall score.  If you're new to bowling and don't yet understand how the scoring system works, playing with this calculator can be a great way to learn.

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Tenpin bowling game score calculator
Tenpin bowling common spare nicknames glossary

Spare Names

Tap on the pins and find out the names of common spares you probably dont want to be leaving!  If you know any nicknames that we've missed we'd love to hear from you. "Stupid ten pin!" doesn't count.

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Tenpin Toolkit is built and maintained by Simon Kimber, a licensed BTBA Development coach based in Sussex in the United Kingdom. 

When he has to drag himself away from a bowling centre, he's also the founder and CTO at Create, a platform that empowers anyone to build their own online store or website.

Simon Kimber, BTBA Development / ETBF Level 2 Licensed Tenpin Bowling Coach

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