Bowling Ball Motion Observation Trainer

Watch simulated bowling shots and tell the app what you saw. Improve your ball motion observation skills to help you make the right moves sooner on the lanes.

Ten pin bowling ball motion observation training tool

The observation trainer is designed to help you improve your observation of bowling ball motion by getting you to focus on which board the ball is on at four key points of every shot: The arrows, the breakpoint, entering the pocket and exiting the pin-deck.

You'll be shown a number of shots rolling down a simulated lane. After each shot, move the sliders to where you think the ball was at each point.  You'll be shown how the actual shot compares to what you thought and at the end you'll be given scores for your accuracy, overall and at each point, helping you to know which areas you might need to focus on.

You can practice with the observation trainer off the lanes, pretty much anywhere you can use your phone! By spending a little bit of time on it every day you'll soon get into the habit of watching your ball all the way through the shot, and this will really help you make better, quicker descisions when you get on the lanes for real.

Video Tutorial: Ball Motion Observation Trainer