Bowling Ball Speed & Rev Rate (RPM)

Measure the speed a ball rolls down the lane, or use the "Advanced Mode" video player to increase accuracy and calculate rev-rate.

Measure bowling ball speed and rev rate

Use this tool to measure how fast your ball travels down the lane. Press Start as the ball crosses the foul line and Stop as soon as it hits the pins. Switch to advanced mode to open a video from your device, slow it down and/or pinch to zoom in to key areas to ensure that your measurements are as accurate as possible.

You can also use advanced mode to measure rev-rate. To do this you will need to place an easy to see marker on the ball.  We recommend a length of tape from the PAP (Positive Axis Point) of the ball to the centre of the grip, between the thumb and finger holes.

Tap the "Rev" button each time you see the ball make a complete revolution and capture at least three consecutive revolutions to get an accurate reading.