Bowling Tools

A collection of essential tools for bowlers and coaches of all levels.  Click on any of the tools below to find out more about them.

Tenpin Toolkit Bowling Tools

Tenpin Toolkit

The collection of essential tools for bowlers and coaches of all levels.

Bowling Angles and Targeting tool

Plot a shot to see its exact path from the start of the approach. Add lane guides, oil patterns, video or even a live camera action-replay! 

Bowling ball axis tilt and axis rotation measurement

Follow the instructions to take a photo or video of a shot. position it in the guide for an approximate measurement of axis tilt and rotation

Bowling ball speed and revolutions per minute rev rate measurement

Measure the speed a ball rolls down the lane, or use the "Advanced Mode" video player to increase accuracy and calculate rev-rate.

Training tool for observation of bowling ball motion

Watch simulated shots and tell the app what you saw. Improve your ball motion observation skills to help you make the right moves sooner on the lanes. 

Library of bowling lane oil patterns

A searchable library of hundreds of oil patterns. Load them into the Angles & Targeting tool, share pattern diagrams and save your favorites. 

Bowling Ball Arsenal and library ball comparison

Search over 1,500 balls, organize them into separate bags and track of information such as surface, layout, important dates and more.

Bowler's notes app

Keep track of information about your game and equipment. Create general notes, or add specific notes from within most of the other tools in the app. 

Tenpin Bowling Score Calculator

Quickly calculate scores, including possible maximum. Also great for beginners or youth bowlers to learn how the bowling scoring system works. 

Tenpin Bowling Spares and Splits Nicknames

Just for fun! Tap on the pins and find out the names of the common leaves and splits you'd probably rather not see!

Set handedness, approach length, ball to ankle distance and boards drifted


Tailor Tenpin Toolkit perfectly to your own game.  Set whether you're left or right handed, along with the length of your approach, ball to ankle distance and drift.