Bowling Ball Axis Tilt & Axis Rotation

Use the interactive bowling ball tilt and rotation chart to get approximate measurements of the axis tilt and axis rotation for your shots to work on your control and consistency.

Measure bowling ball axis tilt and axis rotation

Use this tool to get an approximate measurement of the Axis Tilt & Rotation of your ball.  To do this you will need to place an easy to see marker, like a piece of bowler's tape, on the PAP (Positive Axis Point) of the ball. Your pro-shop operator can help you with this if you don't know where it is.

Take a photo or video that shows the ball after it leaves the hand. Get as low as possible and position the camera so that the ball is travelling in a straight line away from it at the point of release.  The sharper the image the better. If your camera has a slow motion or high frame-rate option this can often help considerably.

Open your photo or video. If it's a video pause it at a point where you can clearly see your marker. Pinch to zoom in and drag to position the ball exactly in the circle.

Tutorial Video: Bowling Ball Axis Tilt and Axis Rotation